Welcome to my new blog, NULLgarity!

In my career, I have often found useful information, solutions to major problems, and invaluable career advice on personal blogs.  The right web search leading to the right nugget of information on someone’s blog is often the difference between being a hero and a goat for an IT professional in an emergency.  I have decided to attempt to add to this wealth of online knowledge from which I have so frequently benefited.

I intend to blog about the technologies that I use in my day-to-day job.  I work primarily with Microsoft’s SQL Server data platform but also dabble in SharePoint administration and .NET development.  Within the SQL Server platform, I get the opportunity to work with a broad range of technologies including Integration Services, Analysis Services, Reporting Services, and the database engine itself.  As such, I expect to be able to cover quite a broad range of topics here.

I will also cover professional development topics, particularly as they pertain to IT.  Blogging offers an opportunity to take a step back from the day-to-day focus on individual projects and tasks and think about the big picture.  There is also the added benefit of doing so with others in the same field and with the same interests (something that you may not have access to within your organization).

My goal is to create a high-quality, well written, and thought-provoking blog.  I hope to occasionally make the reader chuckle.  It is my expectation that, through this process, I will improve my technical skills, polish my writing skills, and expand my professional network.  I am looking forward to becoming an active participant in the SQL Server blogosphere!


3 Responses to NULLgarity

  1. cmerg says:

    Congrats on taking the plunge to blog. Decided to take the plung myself. Good luck to you.

  2. Great Work…Keep it Up!

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